2019 Brazilian GP: Race pace (Top teams)

The image shown above is a vector. You can zoom in as much as you want to see in which lap was each individual time done.

If you do not see a driver in the plot, it is because he retired or did not do enough laps to have a representative race pace.

Remember that drivers with more pit stops tend to have faster times than drivers with less pit stops.


  1. jeroentje

    Once again thanks for the output! seems to me lewis and max are going to the max !

    • admin

      No problem, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. And yes haha, both of them have been superb during the season. Let’s hope for a good end to an interesting F1 season.
      Take care!

  2. jeroentje

    Small first donation on your way!..

    • admin

      Hello Jeroentje

      Thank you very much for your kind donation. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the content. The season is coming to an end, but if you would like to see the analysis of the entire season of a certain driver (let me guess… Max?), just let me know and I’ll get some work done on that.

      Once again, thank you very much, I really appreciate your contribution, and most importantly, your presence on this site.

      • Jeroentje

        Hi there! Pleasure is all mine. Max fan indeed but A big F1 fan in general.Could you send me a private message perhaps.I maybe have some interesting raw data you can use if you are interested. Keep up the great work !!


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