2019 F1 Season Overview: Red Bull – Races 1 to 8

Let’s get straight to the point. Max Verstappen has been dominating Pierre Gasly at Red Bull. How big is the difference between both drivers at the moment? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Quali overview

Note: Comparing times between quali sessions is wrong and nobody should really do it. Track evolution plays a huge role, so it is ridiculous to compare Q1 times with Q3 times. Because of this, the analysis only takes into consideration the highest quali session in which both drivers took part. For example, in Azerbaijan, Gasly was faster than Max in Q1, but could not participate in Q2. Should I compare Gasly’s time from Q1 to Max’s time from Q3? No, that would be wrong. In cases like this, I compare the time of both drivers in Q1.

Max Verstappen must be having a lot of fun right now. In direct battles, the Dutchman is 6-2 against his teammate in direct battles, and has only been beaten in a Q1 session in Azerbaijan, and a Q2 session in Canada after a late red flag. Would Max be 8-0 if it were not for these two abnormal occasions? I am willing to say that it is very likely.

In Q3 sessions, Max is outpacing Gasly on average by almost 6 tenths (0.592 seconds to be more precise), and has outmatched Pierre by over 7 tenths in two occasions. In China, Verstappen was faster than Pierre by an incredible 841 thousands of a second, while in the latest race, France, Max took the victory by 775 thousands of a second.

Overall, Max has been faster in quali session than Gasly by an average of 241 thousands of a second. A 6-2 lead, one that becomes a 7-1 lead after considering the final quali positions, shows the massive difference between the drivers during the current F1 season.

Points overview

Max Verstappen is 8-0 against Pierre Gasly in races so far this season. Max best position this year was a 3rd place achieved in Australia and Spain, while his worst position was a 5th place obtained in Canada. On the other hand, Gasly’s best position was a 5th place, obtained in Monaco, and his worst position was an 11th place achieved at the start of the season in Australia.

Thus far, Max has 100 points, and has obtained 73% of the points of the team, while Gasly has 37 points and has only obtained the remaining 27% of the points.

At the current rhythm, Max is on pace to finish the season with 261 points, while Gasly would end up the season with 114 points.

Final remarks

Max Verstappen is having a hell of a year. He is looking better than ever, and is showing his pace in dominant fashion against Pierre Gasly. He is yet to be defeated in Q3, is winning 6-2 in mutual quali sessions, 7-1 in starting positions, and 8-0 in races. Total and utter domination by the Dutchman.

Pierre’s early struggles were to be expected, but we are 8 races into the season and there has been little to no improvement from the Frenchman. His last deficit against Max in France’s Q3 session, one of 0.775 seconds, was absolutely massive, and is unacceptable for a driver of his stature.

Red Bull is a team that is known for its little patience, and Daniil Kvyat must be feeling confident about his return to the Austrian team in the near future.

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  1. Ross Garber

    Is there a side by side analysis of Gasly vs. Kyvat that would offer any insight into how the two of them are competing relative to one another ? Different cars which makes any analysis challenging, but yet is there data to support an argument that Kvyat is ascendant in the battle for Gasly’s seat ?

    • admin

      Hello Ross:
      It is really hard to compare the performance of both drivers since, let’s be honest, Red Bull is a much better team than Toro Rosso. I will see what I can do, but the unfortunate reality is that most of the differences will come from the better chassis and not necessarily from the driver.
      I think a better analysis, at least to start, is to see first of all if Kvyat is doing better than Alex Albon at Toro Rosso. If he isn’t, then why not think of Albon as a suitable substitute for Gasly? I have not done that analysis though, but it would be interesting to see the results.


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