2021 French GP: Interactive race overview

Interactive race chart

As a (fairly) new addition to this blog, I have created this interactive chart which will allow you to see how the race developed. It is better viewed on a big screen such as a computer monitor or tablet, but it should work for mobile too.

In this chart, the point sizes are representative of the lap times done by each driver. Bigger points represent slower laps, while smaller points represent faster laps. The square-shaped points are regular laps, while the circular-shaped dots represent laps in which a driver pitted. The outline of the dots is colored depending on the tire used in that particular lap (red = soft, yellow = medium and hard = white). The x-axis represents the session time as per the F1 live timing app.

You can hover over the points shown on the chart to see more information about the selected lap. If you want a hi-res image, just click here.


  1. Mati

    I love your data visualizations. Was just wondering if it’d be possible for you to add lap 0 to the next graphs of this type (the formation lap, the starting grid)? Then I feel like the data would be complete – showing complete change, from the grid to the chequered flag. Really appreciate your work!

    • admin

      Hello Mati

      Thanks for the nice comment. I tried to do what you suggest not so long ago but I wasn’t really satisfied with the result. As you know, all the points are scaled based on the lap times done during the race. Because of this, I think my main issue was that I wasn’t sure of how to represent the lap time 0 since there is no real lap time for the starting grid. I do agree with your comment though, and I do think that lap 0—the starting grid—should be present in the data.

      Right now I’m focused on cleaning my code and adding new features/improvements to existing charts. Also, because of the triple header that’s already here, I find it hard to do changes such as the one that you rightfully suggest. I’m hoping to get a bit more time to work on existing code during the summer break so hopefully I’ll figure out how to represent the mentioned starting grid and implement it in my existing code.

      Regards, F1bythenumbers


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