2021 Spanish GP: FP2 race simulation pace

Click on the image to view the “image” in high resolution. Since it is actually a vector, not a rasterized image, you can zoom in as much as you want. To get a hi-res png images click here, here and here.

The numbers inside the dots represent the lap in which that particular time was done. Drivers who did their laps later in the session will tend to have faster times. Keep that in mind when comparing the lap times done by different drivers.

The box represents a traditional box plot, with the line in the middle representing the median time done by each driver. The top and bottom line respectively represent the 75% percentile and the 25% percentile.

If you do not see a driver in the plot, it is because he did not do a race simulation stint during the practice session.

If you see less laps than the number displayed above the driver’s name, then it is because the lap was slower than the maximum time represented in this chart.

Interactive FP2 chart

As a new addition to this blog, I have created this interactive chart which will allow you to see how the FP2 session developed. It is better viewed on a big screen such as a computer monitor or tablet, but it should work for mobile too.

In this chart, the point sizes are representative of the lap times done by each driver. Bigger points represent slower laps, while smaller points represent faster laps. The square-shaped points are regular laps, while the circular-shaped dots represent laps in which a driver pitted. The outline of the dots is colored depending on the tire used in that particular lap (red = soft, yellow = medium and hard = white). The x-axis represents the session time as per the F1 live timing app. I know that the session is technically 1 hour but the app assumes the session starts approximately one hour earlier than the actual start.

You can hover over the points shown on the chart to see more information about the selected lap. If you want a hi-res image, just click here.

2021 Spanish GP
Free practice 2 summary
StintTireStint length Lap timeLap by lapMedian
stint ranking
1Medium701:34.30201:29.85601:19.296 59
2Soft601:36.13401:32.61401:18.517 66
3Soft1601:24.22501:24.06501:23.246 37
1Medium201:19.08601:19.08601:19.086 6
2Medium301:18.41801:18.41801:18.418 3
3Soft601:38.13701:37.20501:18.309 73
4Soft1 80
5Soft801:23.35801:23.33201:22.959 30
6Medium901:24.83401:23.01701:22.596 26
1Medium801:38.99301:40.91001:19.405 75
2Soft601:35.65401:32.23501:18.592 63
3Soft1401:24.08301:24.02801:23.763 36
4Medium301:23.10401:23.10401:23.104 27
1Medium601:36.17101:20.69001:20.115 17
2Medium301:20.27901:20.27901:20.279 14
3Soft301:19.12101:19.12101:19.121 7
4Soft301:19.51901:19.51901:19.519 11
5Soft1301:24.78001:24.77601:24.407 47
1Medium601:31.85901:31.49301:18.460 61
2Soft301:18.17001:18.17001:18.170 1
3Soft301:18.36801:18.36801:18.368 2
4Soft1 81
5Soft901:24.10001:23.25201:22.944 29
6Medium901:23.30101:22.74201:22.664 24
1Medium601:38.60301:21.62501:20.721 22
2Soft501:33.13101:20.41401:20.046 16
3Soft1 82
4Medium1301:25.57701:25.37401:24.782 50
1Medium401:34.28301:19.86901:19.772 12
2Medium1 83
3Soft601:36.69601:32.90601:18.335 69
4Soft1 84
5Soft501:24.17601:23.50701:22.953 32
6Medium1001:24.26201:23.55201:23.056 33
1Medium701:37.92601:34.03201:22.691 70
2Soft601:34.29301:28.42501:20.753 56
3Medium701:27.43801:27.06501:26.904 53
4Soft601:26.08901:26.08201:25.786 52
1Medium401:31.83401:20.21101:19.905 13
2Soft501:33.56001:19.37101:19.092 10
3Soft1 85
4Soft401:24.16401:24.16401:24.040 39
5Medium1301:24.75001:23.85701:23.201 35
1Medium601:35.38501:20.30201:19.437 15
2Soft601:35.92901:34.62801:18.466 72
3Medium1601:24.41401:24.16501:23.476 40
1Medium301:32.55701:32.55701:19.786 65
2Medium401:31.50601:31.50601:19.551 62
3Soft301:18.91701:18.91701:18.917 4
4Soft1201:24.92701:23.42701:23.019 31
1Medium101:39.150 86
2Medium701:37.82001:21.20701:20.525 21
3Medium102:14.312 87
4Soft301:19.21301:19.21301:19.213 8
5Soft401:29.37201:29.37201:20.198 58
6Medium1301:26.43401:25.23001:24.576 49
1Medium401:29.81501:20.91101:20.309 18
2Medium601:28.82701:28.69501:20.115 57
3Soft501:31.17801:19.26001:19.194 9
4Soft1 88
5Soft901:24.82101:24.49601:24.190 44
6Medium201:34.482 89
1Medium801:38.91401:27.32801:21.016 55
2Soft401:42.27001:42.27001:19.957 76
3Medium1 90
4Medium102:05.526 91
5Soft1401:24.92301:24.75901:24.305 46
1Medium501:40.33501:39.29301:20.250 74
2Medium102:17.539 92
3Soft601:36.59701:32.77501:18.674 68
4Soft1 93
5Soft1301:24.49101:24.19401:24.019 42
6Medium301:23.13201:23.13201:23.132 28
1Medium601:40.62901:49.65401:21.878 78
2Soft701:42.74701:21.03601:20.325 20
3Medium801:25.68201:25.69101:24.980 51
4Soft801:25.68801:25.22001:25.017 48
1Medium501:32.42601:27.26601:20.204 54
2Soft501:44.68101:56.09201:19.134 79
3Medium1501:24.63401:24.54601:24.167 45
4Soft301:22.80901:22.80901:22.809 25
1Medium701:38.34301:45.78601:19.841 77
2Soft601:32.24301:30.08001:18.618 60
3Soft1 94
4Soft1001:24.17501:24.17601:23.653 41
5Medium501:24.61001:24.13101:24.124 38
1Medium201:19.04001:19.04001:19.040 5
2Medium401:34.35101:34.35101:18.785 71
3Soft501:43.33201:32.73301:18.838 67
4Soft1101:24.49001:23.81101:22.927 34
5Medium301:22.54901:22.54901:22.549 23
1Medium401:29.25501:20.93701:20.696 19
2Soft601:33.35801:32.35501:18.947 64
3Medium1701:24.62201:24.48001:24.240 43
4Soft201:30.414 95

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  1. Louis

    Thank you very much for taking the time to do those graphics and charts!
    Being able to view every single lap time of a driver is very insightful.


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