My supporters

Thank you for helping me keep this project alive. If you have donated and are missing from this table (sorry!), just contact me and I will add you as soon as possible.
´╗┐DonorAmount (CAD)Type
John Howard $7.00Patreon
Matthew Reston $1.64Recurrent
Koen $15.00One-time
Asher Von Stein $7.00One-time
Patrick Laarhoven $25.00One-time
Jeroen Oostveen $75.00One-time
Wouter Siepman $20.00One-time
Didin Baron $25.22One-time
Gregor Orchowski $10.00One-time
Diedrick Lambinon $10.00One-time
Lorenz Redlefsen $10.00One-time
Jonathan Siefert $1.44One-time