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2019 Japanese GP: Vettel’s false start

The stewards present at the 2019 Japanese Grand Prix had a terrible day in Suzuka. The lack of consistency seen in the enforcement of the rules was present again on Sunday. Did Sebastian Vettel deserve a penalty for a false start? Let’s analyze the facts.

2019 Singapore GP: Ferrari and the undertake

Ferrari won the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix in style, but not without some internal controversy. Why Sebastian Vettel was able to undercut Charles Leclerc for the race victory? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

2019 Singapore GP preview: undertake or overtake?

The Marina Bay Circuit at Singapore is famous for its notoriety to overtake. What is the best strategy here, to go for the undertake, or the overtake? Let’s take a look at last year’s race to understand which option may be the best for the top drivers.