2019 Belgian GP: Race pace (Midfield teams)

The image is a vector, so you can click on it, and it will open in a new window. From there, you can zoom in as much as you want and you will be able to see in which lap was each individual time done.

If a driver is not in the chart, it is because he did not finish the race, therefore his pace is not really comparable to the pace of the rest of the drivers.

Drivers with a 1 stop strategy

What a shame what happened with Lando Norris. The Britishman was on track to achieve a 5th place in Spa, but it was not meant to be. Mechanical problems meant that he had to retire with less than a lap to go. Still, marvelous race pace from him and McLaren on the longest track of the calendar.

Sergio PĂ©rez lost a place at the end to Alex Albon, but still drove a fantastic race. Checo showed once again that he is a master of Spa, and was the second fastest driver among the midfield drivers. His 6th place shows once again his quality and the continuous improvement of Racing Point.

Daniil Kvyat finished in 7th place after starting at the back of the grid in 19th place. The Russian driver drove a consistent race, and his second stint with the soft compound paid off at the end. Kvyat had the second fastest lap of the race amongst drivers with a one stop strategy.

Antonio Giovinazzi showed his speed on Sunday, but made a mistake and had to retire. Giovinazzi showed that on a good day he has the speed to be in F1. Unfortunately, his crash once again demonstrated his inconsistency. Monza cannot come soon enough for the Italian.

Pierre Gasly was just demoted from Red Bull, but he looked motivated in Toro Rosso. Pierre was among the most consistent drivers of the grid. His management of the medium tires was superb, keeping the tires alive for 31 laps and finishing in 9th place.

Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean are on the same boat. The car has no speed on Sundays, and they kept losing positions during the race. Both Haas drivers were only faster than Daniel Ricciardo and the pair of Williams’ drivers. The American team seems to have no response to their continuous problems.

George Russell almost 2 seconds per lap slower than the fastest driver with a 1 stop strategy, Lando Norris. Russell keeps defeating his teammate on race weekends, but the car just has no pace to do anything else.

Daniel Ricciardo went into the pits after the 1st lap, and then had to manage the medium tires for 42 laps. The French team were surely waiting for a safety car, but the strategy did not pan out. Danny Ric kept losing pace, and was the second slowest driver of the day. His final three laps had times of 1:55.168, 1:57.564 and 1:58.562 respectively.

Robert Kubica seems to be just too slow for F1 nowadays. The Pole was once again the slowest driver of the grid, and was 4 tenths slower than his rookie teammate. Sad days for everyone who was expecting to see the Kubica that challenged for top positions not so long ago.

Drivers with a 2+ stops strategy

Nico Hulkenberg was the 3rd fastest driver from the midfield teams, and the fastest driver with a 2 stop strategy. Nico managed his tires properly, and got a valuable 8th place. The German drove a mostly uneventful but consistent race, and will be looking forward to the race in Monza.

Lance Stroll made no miraculous comeback this time. Lance just could not find the pace this time, and was 2 tenths slower than his teammate, even with a two stop strategy. Stroll got caught up in the traffic, and could not get the overtakes this time. Monza is a track where Racing Point should be strong, so Lance will relish his chances next week.

Nothing went right for Kimi Raikkonen this time. His crash in lap 1 damaged his car severely, and his race pace was greatly hurt by the incident. Not much to say after that. The Finn just could not do anything to improve his final position of 16th place.

Final remarks

We saw a good race in Spa, with plenty of action and overtakes. McLaren seems to be the strongest midfield team after the summer break, but Renault and Racing Point seem to be right behind. Haas keeps drowning in problems, and it is increasingly unlikely that they will be able to turn their season around.

Gasly looked comfortable in Toro Rosso once again, and perhaps will mount a challenge to retake his Red Bull position at the end of the season. Antonio Giovinazzi, on the other hand, made another mistake, and will have to fight hard to retain his place at Alfa Romeo.

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