2019 F1 Season: Haas after 10 races

Haas has to be, next to Williams, one of the most troubled teams of the season. While they have made it up to the top of the headlines, that has been mostly for the wrong reasons. Legal issues with Rich Energy have caught everyone’s attention, but the reality is that on the track they have been just as bad as they have been outside of it. What is happening with Haas? Let’s take a look at their numbers from the first 10 races of the season.

Points trend

Haas has the worst trend among the midfield teams. They started strong in Australia, grabbing 8 points. Since then, they have been able to score only in 2 different races, Spain, and Monaco.The team has managed to score only in 3 races, the lowest from any team not named Williams. Alfa Romeo, McLaren, and Toro Rosso have managed to score on 7 ocassions, while Renault has done it on 6 different times, and Racing Point in 5 different races.

Over the last 5 races, Haas has scored only a single point. Even the troubled Racing Point has scored more, taking 2 points in Canada. Since Monaco, McLaren has managed to score 38 points, and even Toro Rosso has obtained 13 points.

Points overview

We can get a clear picture of the season of Haas so far with the following chart.

Kevin Magnussen scored a 6th place in Australia, then 3 consecutive 13th places in a row. He once again scored points, this time wit ha 7th place in Spain. After that, he has scored a 14th place, two 17th places, an incredibly poor 19th place in Austria, finishing even behind George Russell, and finally retiring after crashing with Grosjean in Great Britain.

Thing are even worse when we take a look at Romain Grosjean’s numbers. Three retirements over the first 4 races of the season, then two consecutive 10th places in Spain and Monaco, to be followed by a 14th and 16th place, as well as two retirements, over the last 4 races.

So far KMag has scored 88% of the points that Haas has collected so far, while Grosjean has been disappointing, scoring only two tenth places so far.

Quali positions overview

The American team started the season with strong quali performances. During the first 3 races, they managed to get both drivers into Q3. After that, however, things have been getting trickier for them.

In Baku, KMag only managed to qualify in 14th place, with Grosjean managing a 17th position. Thins got better in Spain, with both drivers getting back on form. Since then, at least one driver has failed to get into Q3, with France and Britain being their 2 worst qualifying sessions since Azerbaijan.

Overall, their quali performance has been taking a hit due to massive inconsistency. KMag has qualified on average in 9.6th place (yes, I know that there’s no such thing as a 9.6th place, but stay with me), while Romain has qualified on average in 11.8th place.

Quali overview

Kevin Magnussen is winning the qualifying battle so far against Romain Grosjean. The Dane has beaten Romain on 7 occasions, with the largest delta being a 1.025 difference in Azerbaijan.

In four different races—China, Spain, Canada, and Austria—both drivers have been separated by less than 2 hundredths of a second. However, they also have been saparated by over 3 tenths in four different races, with KMag getting the upper hand.

Overall, KMag has beaten Romain Grosjean by an average of 0.183 seconds per session.

Race positions overview

Finally, we get to the race positions overview. In this analysis, both ddrivers have taken 5 victories against each other.

On average, Romain has finished in 15.6th place, with a 10th place in Spain and Monaco being his two best finishing positions.

Kevin, has finished on average in 13.9th place, with a 6th place finish in Australia being his best finishing place.

The black line indicates the trend of positions of the team. As you can see, the trend is on overall negative, showing how the team keeps getting worse and worse result as the season goes on.

Final remarks

It is clear that the main problem with Haas is that they keep getting worse as the season goes on. Not only their race performances have suffered, but also their qualifying sessions where they looked very strong at the beginning of the season.

I think it is fair to say that neither driver has been particularly great so far. KMag has been particularly bad over the last 5 races, while Romain has been bad over the entire season.

In quali, KMag seems to have the upper hand over the Frenchman. The same thing can be seen on race results so far, with KMag obtaining 88% of the points that the team has accumulated so far.

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