2019 German GP: Race – Pit stops (interactive)

It makes no sense to do a traditional race pace analysis after a race like the one we saw in Germany. I decided that it was time to give the spotlight to the pit stop crew. The mechanics worked as they have never before, so let’s take a look at their performances during the last German Grand Prix.

Average pit stop times

Williams may take a lot of fire from the fans due to their subpar performances on the track, however, their pit crew was amazing in Germany. They had to work on 10 different pit stops, and averaged 2.53 seconds per stop.

 McLaren and Renault also did a great job, although they only had to do 5 and 4 different stops respectively. Their average of 3.07 and 3.21 seconds is very respectable, and McLaren especially, allowed Carlos Sainz to obtain some hard earned points.

Toro Rosso, Haas, and Red Bull, had a lot of work, with Haas having to work on an incredible 11 pit stops. Red Bull is considered to have the best pit crew, but this time they were not as fas just because they had 2 stops that were over 3 seconds long. Without those two stops, both done in lap 3, they would have been the best performers of the day.

It is interesting to see Ferrari and Mercedes as the two worst teams in the pit stop department in Germany. Ferrari had four stops that were over 4 seconds long, while Mercedes also did fours stops that were over 4 seconds long. Unfortunately for the home team, Hamilton’s stop in lap 29 was over 50 seconds long, increasing their average time by an extensive margin.

Take a look at the interactive plot in order to see all the pit stop times done by the teams in the previous German GP.

Fastest pit stop times

The fastest pit stops are dominated by Red Bull and Williams, with the extra inclusion of Ferrari in the 10th spot.

Red Bull once again broke the world record for the fastest F1 pit stop, with a time of 1.88 seconds, while Williams managed to also do a sub-2 second pit stop in lap 57.

Final remarks

Williams may be at the bottom of the Constructor’s Championship, but they did an incredible job with their pit stops in Germany. It is important to give credit where credit is due.

Red Bull showed once again that they are the best in the business when it comes to fast pit stops. They had a couple of slow ones, which meant their average increased, but they still did 5 of the fastest 10 pit stops of the race.

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