2019 Monaco GP: Fastest laps (FP2)

We all know that in Monaco the quali session takes special importance. Because of that, let’s take a look at the fastest laps done by the drivers during FP2 to understand what can we expect from the quali session tomorrow.

20 fastest laps

Mercedeslooks poised to take pole position tomorrow. They did the fastest 6 laps of the race, and the fastest non-Merc time, a 1:11.881 done by Sebastian Vettel, was over 7 tenths away from Lewis’ fastest time. Regarding Red Bull, Pierre Gasly was over 8 tenths away from the fastest time done in the session and it looks unlikely that he will be able to challenge for pole position.

Only 13 laps done in the session were less than 1 second away from the fastest time. In this case, the dashed vertical line represents the cutoff of 1 second.

From midfield teams, we only have appearances from 3 drivers. Alex Albon did a surprising 1:12.030 in his 18th lap, while Kevin Magnussen managed to post 3 of the fastest 20 laps of the race. Finally, Antonio Giovinazzi showed that perhaps this will be a good race for Alfa Romeo. His 1:12.239 looks to be a competitive time, and if he manages to maintain consistency, he may be able to score his first points of the season.


Mercedes looks as dominant in race pace as they look in one lap pace. Neither the Ferraris nor the Red Bulls were able to get within half a second of Hamilton’s fastest lap. Even the 6th fastest lap done by Bottas (1:11.596) which is almost half a second away from the fastest lap, looks to be faster than anything that Ferrari or Red Bull can do at the moment.

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