2019 Singapore GP: FP2 race simulation pace (Top teams)

Click on the image to view the “image” in high resolution. Since it is actually a vector, not a rasterized image, you can zoom in as much as you want.

The numbers inside the dots represent the lap in which that particular time was done. Drivers who did their laps later in the session will tend to have faster times. Keep that in mind when comparing the lap times done by different drivers.

If you do not see a driver in the plot, it is because he did not do a race simulation stint during the practice session.

If you see less laps than the number displayed above the driver’s name, then it is because the lap was slower than the maximum time represented in this chart.


  1. Don frika del prima

    Great stuff!

    • admin

      Thank you Don, I’m glad you’re enjoying the content.

  2. Jim

    What are the colours on times?

    • admin

      Hi Jim

      The color represents the tire that was used for that particular stint.
      Red means soft tires, yellow means medium tires, and white represents hard tires.


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