2019 Spanish GP: Fastest laps (FP2)

Straight to the points again, let’s take a look at the fastest laps done by the drivers during FP2. The first graph shows the fastest lap done by each individual driver during FP2, while the second one shows the 20 fastest laps done during the session.

Something to consider here. Some teams may not even be looking to do fast laps during FP2, and their times may or may not be representative. I still think it is good to know them, but take the numbers with a grain of salt.

20 fastest laps

This graph shows the 20 fastest laps done during FP2. As you can see, only 4 teams appear here and those are the 4 times that are the strongest in qualifying. Mercedes continues to look as the fastest team in one lap pace, with Ferrari behind them. Red Bull does not seem to be in the picture to challenge for pole, while Haas will be trying to put a driver in the 3rd row for the beggining of the race.


I will let you make your conclusions from this. I believe that the numbers are good to maybe understand a little bit better what to expect from the quali session that will take place in a few hours.


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