2019 Spanish GP: FP2 race simulation pace (Rest of the teams)

Key points about this graph:

  1. The graph shows all lap times done by a driver during a single stint.
  2. Longest stint from the session was selected for analysis.
  3. The label at the top shows the median time, with the background representing the tire used during that stint.
  4. Some laps were removed for aesthetic purposes.
  5. Calculations were performed with all the laps from the stint.
  6. The horizontal line represents the median.
  7. The box represent the interquartile range, from 25% to 75%.

FP2 race simulation by median

An interesting FP2 we had. Renault, McLaren and Toro Rosso look like the biggest winners of the session, but as we know, in Spain the qualifying speed is more important than race pace.

Ricciardo’s median time of 1:22.723 was actually faster than Vettel’s median time of 1:22.763, however it is almost certain that the engine mode between both drivers was indeed different. Having said that, his race pace is encouraging and the Aussie will be expecting to score some good points for the team tomorrow.

Both Daniil Kvyat and Alex Albon must be feeling encouraged. The STR14 is looking lively, and after a good quali session for both of them, especially from Kvyat, they will try to fend off the challenge of both McLaren cars who will be starting in 11th and 13th place.

Talking about the McLaren drivers, they showed good race pace and will be looking to get into the top 10 positions early in the race. Both Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz showed great consistency, so we may be looking at another battle between both teammates.

The Haas drivers keep the same trend going, meaning a very strong quali pace, and a regular or even mediocre race pace. Apparently the VF-19 is very harsh on the tires, and they keep dropping points after starting in great positions. The Circuit de Catalunya is however a track where overtaking is very difficult, so both drivers may be able to secure more points than they have during the previous races.

Racing Point is again in a strange position. They are very strong in some tracks, and fairly weak in others. Checo Perez secured a fantastic 6th position in Azerbaijan, but now it looks like he may have a hard time in a circuit that does not suit the British team. They will be looking for a safety car and most likely a tire saving strategy to try to overtake in the pits.

Nico Hulkenberg is in a difficult position. He had an incident during Q1, broke his front wing, and was unable to advance to Q2. He will be starting from the back of the grid and his race pace is not encouraging. Nico was only faster than Checo by 31 thousands of a second, despite using the softest compound.

Giovinazzi also has had a weekend to forget. His race pace was only faster than Russell’s, and he also failed to have a good qualifying session. Starting from 18th place, it looks like the Italian has a long day in front of him.

Kimi Raikkonen only did 6 laps, which is not enough to say how good or bad is his race pace. We will find out tomorrow.

Finally both Williams’ drivers. They will once again start from the bottom of the grid and will not be challenging for the points either. Another week of the same story for them.


After an interesting qualifying session, Daniel Ricciardo and both Toro Rosso drivers must be feeling happy with how their weekend has gone so far. Their good race pace puts them in strong position to take points home.

The Haas drivers will be looking to maintain their starting positions, but their race pace looks to be slower than the one of McLaren, Renault and Toro Rosso. Being in Barcelona may be their saving grace.

Alfa Romeo has looked weaker than usual, and will perhaps be fighting with Racing Point for the last points of the race.

Not much to say about Williams once again. They do, however, seem to be improving both their race and quali pace. An analysis on them will be coming during the week.

Have a great day everyone, thank you for reading.


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