2020 Hungarian GP: Quali per sector

Let’s take a quick look at the fastest sectors done during the 2020 Hungarian GP qualifying session.


A very simple analysis was done. I got the best sector times for each one of the drivers, and calculated the delta from each one of them to the best sector time done in each of the respective sectors.

Delta to leader per sector

Absolute domination by Mercedes. Not much else to say. The Silver Arrows were in a completely different category to everyone else, and only Valtteri Bottas was able to challenge Lewis Hamilton in each of the Hungaroring.

Racing Point had a magnificent qualifying session. They were the strongest team in both sector 1 and sector 2 but struggled more in sector 3. In a circuit like the Hungaroring, starting from the top of the grip is more important than in most tracks, and with their current pace, we may see a podium finish for them tomorrow.

Ferrari had a bad session once again, but not everything is negative. The Scuderia was quite strong in sector 3, with both Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc beating the rest of the grid.

Red Bull had a surprisingly poor session. Problems with the balance of the car meant that they couldn’t excel in any of the 3 sectors of the track. Max Verstappen was slower than the Racing Points in all three sectors and lower than both McLarens in sectors 2 and 3.

Pierre Gasly takes the honourable mention of the day. The Frenchman was much faster than his teammate Daniil Kvyat, and even with engine problems, managed to drive the car into Q3. While his sector times are not particularly impressive, he was still faster than drivers like Alex Albon (in all 3 sectors), Esteban Ocon (in sector 2) and Daniel Ricciardo (in sector 1).

Final remarks

Mercedes is in a different category to everyone else. Their car seems invincible right now and after taking pole position, they should be able to get the win tomorrow. Rain is in the forecast though, so we could still see a couple of surprises.
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