2020 Portuguese GP: Race pace

The images shown above are vectors. You can zoom in on them as much as you want to see in which lap was each individual time done. To get the png file for the fastest drivers, click here. To get the png file for the slowest drivers, click here.

The main idea of this chart is to show the representative average race pace of each driver. Since plotting the raw data will not show accurate information, I have to do a bit of data pre-processing.

To remove the outliers, I use an IQR method. This means that the race pace analysis removes laps that are considered to be anomalous. This includes the first lap,┬álaps done when the safety car was out and incomplete laps (laps when the driver went in or out of the pits). The IQR outlier detection has a main flaw, which is that it also removes slow laps that were caused by driver error or mechanical malfunction. For now this is as good as it gets, but I’ll try to improve this outlier detection method.

Laps done with the intermediate or wet tires are considered for this analysis. However, they aren’t shown here since they would mess up the presentation of the data.

The box represents a modified box plot, with the line in the middle representing the mean (average) time done by each driver. The top and bottom line respectively represent the 75% percentile and the 25% percentile.

Remember that drivers with more pit stops tend to have faster times than drivers with fewer pit stops.

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  1. Demandred

    Hey, I don’t know if you find this or not, but if you do, I’d really like to talk to you, over reddit or email or something. I’m a mod for r/F1Technical on reddit, and I’ve added your website to our sidebar.

    I’d like to talk about posting your content on reddit (people end up posting your charts anyway, and sometimes give credit and sometimes don’t). Maybe you could start posting them yourself again or if you don’t want to, I could post them and credit your website? I’ve sent a message to you on reddit, but if you want we can talk over email too.


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