2021 Monaco GP: Race overview

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There is no point in analyzing the race pace of the drivers for the Monaco Grand Prix. As most of you already saw, it is extremely hard to overtake at this track. Because of this reason, I decided to post a simple overview of the race, as well as the race pace summary table that is shown below.

There are a few observations about this chart that are worth mentioning. First, not all the laps are shown in the chart. Laps in which drivers went in or out of the pit lane are not counted. Also, laps that were considered very slow and not representative (minimum lap time done by each driver + 10 seconds) were removed from the chart. Second, the solid line represents the evolution of the fastest lap. Points that are connected by the line were the fastest lap done at the time of the race. Third, I know the session is less than 2 hours long. This is the time reported by the F1 live timing app so I left it as is. 

Race summary table

Another new addition! From now on, I will post this race summary table that shows most of the information you want to know about the race. Just to be clear, this table doesn’t consider the laps when the drivers went into the pits, but doesn’t remove the laps done under safety or virtual safety car conditions. Let me know what do you think about this chart so that I can keep improving.

If you want a hi-res image of this table just click here.

2021 Monaco GP
Race summary
StintTireStint length Lap timeLap by lapMean
stint ranking
1Medium4501:18.00201:17.80501:16.897 32
2Soft3201:16.13101:16.00601:15.026 9
1Soft2901:16.57001:16.55901:15.706 15
1Soft3001:16.82701:16.76001:15.924 21
2Hard4801:16.11301:16.03001:15.411 8
1Soft3301:17.59701:17.26301:16.467 28
2Hard4401:16.91701:16.74301:15.331 24
1Soft2901:16.83901:16.66701:15.854 22
2Hard3801:16.39001:16.21201:15.260 13
3Soft1101:15.15901:15.08001:12.908 1
1Medium4301:18.57201:18.43301:16.691 35
2Hard3401:16.24501:16.05801:15.572 11
1Soft3401:19.99701:19.28301:18.674 37
2Hard4101:18.44201:17.50801:16.865 34
1Soft3001:16.76701:16.64401:15.799 20
2Hard4801:15.49201:15.52301:14.670 5
1Soft3701:17.50301:17.29501:16.052 27
2Medium4001:16.98501:16.78201:15.315 25
1Soft3501:16.67401:16.32601:14.552 18
2Hard4301:15.36101:15.28801:14.743 4
1Medium4301:17.63801:17.30501:16.385 29
2Hard3401:16.65101:16.49301:14.970 17
1Medium3601:18.00301:17.68301:16.990 33
2Hard4101:16.50401:16.25001:14.578 14
1Medium3101:18.78801:18.46901:17.865 36
2Hard4601:16.69101:16.34201:15.539 19
1Soft3201:16.57601:16.59701:15.766 16
2Hard4601:15.32901:15.28801:14.621 3
1Soft3701:20.54701:19.00301:17.437 38
2Hard3801:17.76601:17.37501:16.424 30
1Hard5801:17.00701:16.68001:15.595 26
2Soft1901:15.94901:15.75901:14.674 6
1Hard6401:17.84601:17.85401:15.634 31
2Soft1301:16.16901:16.55601:14.036 10
1Soft3401:16.36001:16.26801:15.167 12
2Hard4401:15.30901:15.30101:14.648 2
1Soft3101:16.87001:16.32901:15.868 23
2Hard4701:16.06001:15.97201:15.315 7
Fastest lap | Fastest stint | Fastest stint on soft tires | Fastest stint on medium tires | Fastest stint on hard tires
Finished the race | Crashed | Electrical failure | Mechanical problem |


  1. cnk

    we missed your qualifying overviews 🙁

    • admin

      Hello cnk

      Sorry about that. I had to make a trip out of town to do an important exam. I will be good to go for the Baku GP though =)


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