2021 Spanish GP: Race pace

The images shown above are vectors. You can zoom in on them as much as you want to see in which lap was each individual time done. To get the png file for the fastest drivers, click here. To get the png file for the slowest drivers, click here. For the image that includes all the drivers click here.

The main idea of this chart is to show the representative average race pace of each driver. Since plotting the raw data will not show accurate information, I have to do a bit of data pre-processing.

To remove the outliers, I use an IQR method. This means that the race pace analysis removes laps that are considered to be anomalous. This includes the first lap, laps done when the safety car was out and incomplete laps (laps when the driver went in or out of the pits).

If laps were done with the intermediate or wet tires, then they were considered for this analysis.

The box represents a modified box plot, with the line in the middle representing the mean (average) time done by each driver. The top and bottom line respectively represent the 75% percentile and the 25% percentile.

Remember that drivers with more pit stops tend to have faster times than drivers with fewer pit stops.

Race summary table

Another new addition! From now on, I will post this race summary table that shows most of the information you want to know about the race. Just to be clear, this table doesn’t consider the laps when the drivers went into the pits, but doesn’t remove the laps done under safety or virtual safety car conditions. Let me know what do you think about this chart so that I can keep improving.

If you want a hi-res image of this table just click here.

2021 Spanish GP
Race summary
StintTireStint length Lap timeLap by lapMean
stint ranking
1Soft2101:30.39901:25.50701:24.966 53
2Medium4001:24.61301:24.36301:23.858 30
3Soft401:21.99601:21.35501:21.181 7
1Soft2301:28.88101:24.07101:23.698 45
2Medium3001:22.37201:22.34201:21.407 9
3Soft1301:21.39801:21.29101:19.430 4
1Soft1801:31.38501:25.73001:25.026 57
2Medium2901:24.17201:24.04201:23.046 25
3Soft1801:22.94801:22.89401:21.375 15
1Soft801:27.62501:25.72301:25.293 39
2Medium3101:25.92601:25.28801:24.690 37
3Soft2601:23.46301:23.30201:22.802 18
1Soft2801:27.58301:23.40701:22.937 38
2Medium1401:21.60401:21.55801:21.203 6
3Medium2401:21.32101:21.22401:20.664 3
1Soft901:30.05201:26.88301:26.036 51
2Medium1801:25.83401:25.52601:25.048 36
3Medium2301:24.53501:24.10401:23.513 29
4Soft1501:23.64001:23.08301:22.904 19
1Soft2801:28.00001:24.19401:23.742 40
2Medium3001:22.76001:22.72501:22.286 12
3Soft801:21.57601:21.06301:20.459 5
1Soft2201:31.11201:27.04201:26.368 56
2Medium2001:25.57801:25.25901:24.384 34
3Medium2201:25.40101:24.73901:24.039 33
1Soft2301:29.69701:25.21101:24.484 49
2Medium2801:23.93801:24.06601:23.157 24
3Soft1401:22.82901:22.98901:21.279 14
1Soft2301:29.56501:25.07901:24.448 47
2Medium4201:24.49901:24.20301:23.311 28
1Soft2701:28.63301:24.72301:23.608 44
2Medium3001:22.80201:22.91201:21.882 13
3Soft901:21.30901:21.40401:19.483 2
1Medium3701:28.21701:25.49301:24.391 42
2Soft2801:23.79101:23.44401:22.868 20
1Soft2501:28.90301:24.63001:24.211 46
2Medium2101:23.23401:23.14001:22.953 16
3Soft2001:22.44701:22.29801:21.852 11
1Soft901:29.63701:26.71501:26.108 48
2Medium1901:25.61001:25.52201:24.690 35
3Medium3701:24.67301:24.32601:23.207 31
1Soft2201:29.83001:25.15401:24.460 50
2Medium2401:23.28401:23.06901:22.476 17
3Soft2001:22.42201:22.11901:21.568 10
1Soft2301:30.67101:26.69601:25.773 55
2Medium2701:24.75001:24.38401:23.959 32
3Medium1401:23.85201:23.54601:22.637 22
1Soft2201:30.07301:25.32501:25.040 52
2Medium1701:24.32501:24.23301:23.641 27
3Soft2601:23.84401:23.51501:22.607 21
1Soft601:28.19601:26.47401:24.825 41
1Soft2401:28.23001:23.29601:23.009 43
2Medium3601:22.23001:22.29801:21.411 8
3Soft601:19.80001:20.14501:18.148 1
1Soft2101:30.45901:25.57401:24.956 54
2Medium1701:24.23101:24.27601:23.246 26
3Soft2701:23.90701:23.48701:22.819 23
Fastest lap | Fastest stint | Fastest stint on soft tires | Fastest stint on medium tires | Fastest stint on hard tires
Finished the race | Crashed | Electrical failure |


  1. Harshal Parmar

    What does it mean to plot the lap time on either the right side or the left side of the box? E.g. Why are Hamilton’s times more closely bunched horizontally than others?

    • admin


      The horizontal position doesn’t really mean anything. The lap times are shifted towards the right or left just to make sure that the points do not overlap.

  2. Matt

    Love this. Would it be possible to add some sorting options for the summary? Sorting by final position or grouping by team/engine/start tyre etc could give some additional insights.

    • admin

      Hello Matt

      I think as a future improvement that would be a good idea. The package that I’m currently using unfortunately doesn’t support that functionality at the moment. Still, I’m looking at other options to create the final summary that will allow you to have more control over what is being displayed.

  3. B. Lin

    Thanks for the analysis.

    Two comments:

    1) I like the third plot – even though it’s all the same data, it’s nice to see all twenty drivers plotted on the same scale.

    2) The race summary table is interesting so far – it helps show how the 1-stop strategy hurt Alpine given Ocon’s pace compared to the rest of the midfield that kept to a 2-stop (and Gasly who was flying at the end!)


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