Pre-season testing – Best lap times (days 1 to 3)

We’ve seen only the first half of pre-season testing, but so far, who has done the fastest lap? Let’s take a quick look at the numbers.

Brief notice

I forgot to mention this on my last article, but for this new season I am making improvements to the charts that I share with you. Right now the chart seen above may look the same as before, but it’s not really the same. I have added some interactivity, so if you’re on a computer, hover over the bars to see additional information. If on the other hand, you are using a mobile device, just click on the bars to reveal extra info. I hope you enjoy it.

Best lap times

As I have mentioned, lap times should be taken with a grain of salt during pre-season. Take for example Ferrari. Their fastest time so far is a 1:18.154, done by Sebastian Vettel on the second day of testing. Does anyone think that Ferrari is 2.4 seconds slower than Mercedes? I didn’t think so.

Having mentioned that, there is some valuable information that can be taken from lap times. For example, see George Russell’s time? His 1:18.167 may not be necessarily impressive, but it is certainly not abysmal. I think Williams will struggle once again this season, but not being so far from the rest of the field seems promising.

It is nice to see once again a competitive midfield. Alfa Romeo, Renault, Racing Point, and Alpha Tauri seem to be evenly matched once again, with only Williams and Haas being slower (at least from what we have seen so far).

Regarding McLaren, they are still a mystery. For now, they haven’t shown their true pace, but hopefully that will change during the next three days of testing.

Final remarks

We keep getting some interesting data, but we will only be able to get a more accurate picture of the speed of each team after we see the last three days of testing. So far, Mercedes looks good again, while the midfield looks to be evenly matched.

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