Pre-season testing – Best lap times (day 4)

Day 4 of pre-season testing is done. Let’s take a quick look at the best lap times done by each driver in this exciting session.

Brief notice

If you hover over the bars (or click them if you’re using a mobile device), you will get additional information. In this case, sector times are presented to you.

Best lap times

Yes, being the fastest at pre-season doesn’t really mean much. Clearly Alfa Romeo won’t be challenging for the championship during the 2020 season. Having said that, props to Robert Kubica for posting the fastest lap of the day. A well deserved price for a professional, no-nonsense type of driver.

Regarding the rest of the teams, once again we saw some competitive times from Racing Point and Alpha Tauri. Clearly not all teams are on the same testing schedule, but it’s good to see that most drivers have been able to do some competitive lap times.

Numbers may be worrying for Haas once again though. They have been among the slowest during the first 3 days, and the trend continued today. Hopefully we’ll be able to see if they have more pace in the next couple of days.

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